Finding Beauty in the Frost: a poem

Glittering threads,frozen spider websThe fine details of life are made evident on a snow-fallen day.A once invisible breathescaping from lipsbecomes a cloud of warmthpuffing away. The moon herselfnever shines so bright,like a sunlit night,than when she hangs full atop a winter's land.The glory of sun raysmay be hidden beneath blankets of gray,whilst the heat lingers as memoryand the … Continue reading Finding Beauty in the Frost: a poem

Spirit and Truth

The humming first note in a violin's gentle melody pierced the car ride home. Home. The low hanging moon snagged my attention as I gazed across the large lake encompassed by small mountains. Home. Where is that anymore? The violin ministered a supernatural song that sounded so like my Dad in Heaven's voice. Yes, this … Continue reading Spirit and Truth