Lie down in Peace & Sleep

—Lord, my shalom You sustain me— My enemies surround me Uphold me with  Your righteous hand  —Lord, my shalom You sustain me— I will lay in peace and sleep You alone, oh Lord Make me dwell in safety —Lord, my shalom You sustain me— I will not worry I will not be dismayed You areContinue reading “Lie down in Peace & Sleep”

Healing the Soul Wounds

This is a Bible study! So whip out your bible and find healing through Jesus as we go deeper into the word and see what God has to offer us! BODY, SPIRIT, SOUL We are created in the image of God (Genesis 1:26). God is a trinity (Genesis 1:1-2, Matthew 28:19). Humans are also triuneContinue reading “Healing the Soul Wounds”